About us

Afisha.London is the largest lifestyle magazine writing about culture and social life in London in Russian and English.

Our editorial team covers all events and happenings related to Russian culture (see our events section – RUS or ENG). We introduce to our readers people and companies in the UK that have links with Russian language, culture, or heritage. In addition, we share our experience about life in emigration and write about lifehacks.

We also recommend the best of British cultural life and help to get familiar with key events. Our online magazine is the guide to Russian-British social life to many people: we are building friendly environment, helping with adaptation in UK and preservation of native language. Afisha.London builds the cultural platform that we believe is absolutely necessary for those of us in expat community who believe in building bridges and not walls.

Afisha – in Russian [Афи’ша] – originally the word comes from French affiche. Afisha means theatre/film/lecture billboard in predigital time.

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