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About us

Afisha.London (ex. www.RussianEvents.London) is a digital entertainment and lifestyle magazine for Russian-speaking Londoners, Russian speakers who visit London for business or holidays, and generally everyone who is interested in Russian culture, language and cultural heritage. We write about events, people and businesses that are connected to this. We are not supported by any government, privately owned, and independent media company that wants to provide a convenient and transparent hub for all information about Russia related happenings in the capital. Afisha.London builds the cultural platform that we believe is absolutely necessary for those of us in emigrant community who believe in building bridges and not walls.

Afisha – in Russian [Афи’ша] – originally the word comes from French affiche. Afisha means theatre/film/lecture billboard in predigital time.


We are open for collaboration – feel free to drop us a line at support@russianevents.london

Best regards,

Margarita Bagrova