Mariia Ominina: poster in the new world

Poster art dates back to the last decades of the 19th century when the French engraver Jules Cheret invented the lithographic poster. Posters soon became the primary medium of mass communication in growing Europe and America. Poster art was also widely distributed in the USSR and continues to develop today. The hero of this material is Mariia Ominina, an artist working in the genre of poster art.


Mariia Ominina is a poster artist from St. Petersburg. Now she lives between Paris and Montenegro, although she works all over the world. Mariia received her specialized education in St. Petersburg and Taiwan, she also studied in the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Montenegro, and Japan.



Mariia knew from a young age that she wanted to do art. For her, poster has become the most capacious and appropriate way to express her visual research and thoughts.

The first step toward the poster was the study of one of the most prominent Russian poster artists Peter Bankov. Then, Mariia was one of the youngest on the course, and her work, already at that time, stood out against the background of the work of other participants.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a poster of Mariia next to mine at the final exhibition of the Strelka International Design Biennale, Gorky 150. I believe that Mariia’s poster is an impressive development of her artistic style, which has finally become established and has become her calling card.” — Petr Bankov, member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and teacher of poster design at the University of Brno.


Now she successfully participates in exhibitions around the world and takes awards in international competitions. For example, one of Mariia’s awards is third place in the U30 category at the prestigious 12th Toyama International Poster Triennial in Japan.


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As for the visual component, Mariia’s style can be called minimalistic. Her posters tend to use a few primary colors and simple compositional principles.


Mariia Ominina, New World group


Mariia’s latest bright project is called New World. Basically, this is a reflection on the experience she lived during the pandemic, which she spent in Asia. She collected the concept for a long time, and for the visual part of this project, the main anchors were the ideas of “grid” and “confusion and even rather ambiguity.” A set of five posters presents different stories about the new reality. The atmosphere of the posters is disturbing and gloomy.

Mariia managed to capture the connection between meanings and the visual component through her works. Her posters are lively and interesting, they provide an opportunity to plunge into something truly new.



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