Zaha Hadid’s only private house is up for sale

In Moscow, the first private house in the career of the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid has again been put up for sale. Afisha.London tells who owned the luxurious mansion and shares the curious story behind its unusual layout.


A luxurious villa near Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway belonged to businessman Vladislav Doronin. The mansion was to be a wedding gift to his lover, British supermodel Naomi Campbell. But the couple broke up around 2013, 5 years before the end of the project.


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The futuristic building of a streamlined shape somewhat resembles a ship. Doronin set a task for Zaha Hadid: “I want to wake up in the morning and immediately see the blue sky”. To achieve this effect, the bedroom had to be placed at a height of 35 meters!

House of 2700 sq. m with 75 hectares of its territory is located in Barvikha. There is an indoor 25-meter swimming pool, spa, gym and its own nightclub.


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Now Capital Hill Residence will cost buyers 5 billion rubles — two times cheaper than the estimated cost. In 2016, this house was offered for 150 million dollars (at today’s exchange rate, this is almost 10 billion rubles), and in 2019 — already for 6.4 billion rubles.



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