Coma Yank: A Synthesis of Dreams and Reality in Art

What are dreams, and how do they intertwine with reality? These questions are raised by Coma Yank, an artist with unique self-expression whose works are permeated with critical philosophical concepts – life and death, conscious and unconscious.


When creating images, she does not do sketches as she finds spontaneity the key element in expressing her current state of mind and the possibility of keeping a line ‘alive’ and active. The pieces of poetry, the fragments of memorable dialogues from dreams, phrases from books, and pieces of the stream of consciousness eventually get certain emotions and feelings, which is how the image is created. The moment she feels the image, she needs to see it on the paper immediately.



These complex images are challenging to interpret, but one can feel the artist’s state of mind, sincerity and lack of compromise. She shows us her feelings and emotions and reveals a human’s disturbing inner consciousness, internal thoughts, feelings, memories and sensations. Through her works, she explores elements of dreams and reality. The anxiety we feel in reality and the viscous immersion in sleep are often achieved with the help of the ‘game’ and the ‘liveliness’ of the constantly changing line, as well as the combination of painting and graphics, which do not contradict each other, but only complement and complete the plot.



Using a variety of textures and techniques, she combines watercolours, pastels, coloured pencils, markers and ink to create a fusion that resonates with her understanding of the concept of ‘dreams and realities’. This fusion and the interaction of painting and graphics represent the transition between life and death, conscious and unconscious, reality and sleep.


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The artist sees the element of ‘reality’ as the possibility of the existence of multi-level realities and tries to show them without disturbing the atmosphere of the dream, and with her works, she challenges the viewer: ‘What is a dream and what is reality? Do they intertwine?’.


Liya Shapiro

Cover Photo: Your Marsh (fragment) / Coma Yank



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